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  • International Roaming Charges in the Bahamas.

    roaming charges bahamas

    Here are 5 Ways to Avoid International Roaming Charges When Traveling to the Bahamas.

    Purchase a pre-paid sim card- A local Bahamian Sim card paired with an unlocked phone will

    guarantee you will not receive a horrific cell phone bill  filled with roaming charges when you return from your vacation in the


    WiFi- There are numerous places in the Bahamas that have free wifi access. Check out our list below!

    1) Festival Place- This is the welcome center for cruise ship passengers. Here the wifi is not

    as fast as it should be due to the number of people using it.

    2) McDonalds Downtown- within walking distance of the cruise ship pier located on West

    Bay Street right across from the British Colonial Hilton Hotel

    3) Dunkin Donuts- offers free wifi to patrons who purchase a drinks or donuts at the


    4) Conch Fritters Restaurant- offers free wifi to patrons who purchase a drinks or meals at the


    5) Twin Brothers Restaurant(Fish Fry)- offers free wifi to patrons who purchase a drinks or

    meals at the establishment

    WhatsApp- This messaging platform uses your wifi connection to send and receive text

    messages, videos and pictures without incurring roaming charges.

    Skype or Googlevoice- Take advantage of the low rates to call around the world minus the roaming


    Rent a Smartphone or Wifi Hotspot- You also have the option of renting a Bahamian smartphone

    or WiFi hot spot from This option alleviates all of the stress of

    buying the correct unlocked device, configuring it correctly and hoping that it works once you

    arrive in the Bahamas. The device is mailed to you pre-configured and ready to use prior to your

    vacation and you mail it back after the rental period. It’s really that simple!