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July 2014

Pre-Paid Sim Cards in the Bahamas


Pre-Paid Sim Cards in the Bahamas. Where to get one?

When you travel out of your home country it is always great to have a local phone so that family

friends and business partners can reach you. It is also handy to be able to make a call to a local

taxi operator or maybe even a local restaurant to make a reservation.

Buying a Pre-Paid sim card for the Bahamas is very easy and inexpensive.

In this article you will learn:

*Where to get a sim card

*Phone requirements for Bahamas Cell Networks (BTC BAHAMAS)

*BTC BAHAMAS Phone and Data Rates

*How to Top up your phone

Where to get a sim card in the Bahamas?

If you are flying into the Bahamas we recommend ordering a sim card prior to your departure.

When you take this route the process is seamless you purchase the sim card and it will be

mailed to your house before you depart for your vacation. You can do so by following this link

If you are already in the country and want to get a sim card don’t worry. You can find BTC

stores all over the island. Find the closest BTC location using this link


The only requirement for purchasing Pre-paid sim card is a picture id or passport.

What are the phone requirements for Bahamas Cell Networks? (BTC BAHAMAS)

In order for your unlocked phone to work in the Bahamas it will need to operate under the

GSM 850 and 1900 MHz frequency for voice and text. Devices made for the Sprint and

Verizon networks, for example use CDMA technology and not GSM technology. These

devices will work properly on BTC’s Network. For data and internet (4G) capability your phone

will also have to operate on HSPA+ 850MHz technology. If you don’t want to go through

the hassle of purchasing an unlocked phone that may or may not work when you land in

the Bahamas you can choose an easier option by renting a phone using the following link

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